Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Verizon Galaxy Note 3 KitKat- Delivering OTA Software Update Now Hitting Devices

Carriers are pretty overt
about making consumers
pay for their devices using
long-term contracts or
high amounts of cold, hard
cash. They're not so open
about the subsequent
payment in tears - thick,
heavy tears dropped
waiting for Android
updates that feel destined never to come. Well,
Verizon Galaxy Note 3 owners, you've officially paid
enough. It's time to wipe away those tears, for the
Galaxy Note 3 KitKat OTA update is finally rolling out
to devices.
This update comes over five months since Google
unveiled the sweet details surrounding KitKat,
whetting Note 3 users' appetites for the features to
come. AT&T , Sprint , and T-Mobile all rolled out the
update before the end of March, but Verizon
customers weren't destined for such good fortune.
Their KitKat arrives today, in May.
The version number is N900VVRUCNC4 . If it has yet
to arrive on your device, it's time to fire up Kies or
harass that update button.

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