Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Amazon Appstore Coins expanded to SPAIN , FRANCE , ITALY

In-app purchases are all the
rage these days, and Amazon's take on the whole
deal includes Coins – Amazon Coins. They're like a
universal currency that can be used in many apps
and games available in the Amazon ecosystem. Today
more people get to know the joy of Amazon Coins –
they're now available in France, Italy, and Spain.
Developers don't have to do anything to take
advantage. Apps that are distributed by Amazon and
available for sale in these countries have Coins
enabled. This is actually a good thing for developers
– Kindle Fire owners in these territories will be given
500 free coins to blow on apps and in-app content.
Customers can earn Amazon Coins as rewards in
apps or buy them with real money. In the latter case,
the exchange rate is 100 Coins = €1.

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