Tuesday, 13 May 2014

'levelup' studio releases new app BRIGHT WEATHER . a beautiful minimal and informative weather app.

Let's speak some truth here right out of the gate:
weather apps are a dime a dozen in the Play Store.
With the volume of apps designed to tell users the
weather, it's really difficult to put out something that
stands out in the crowd. Fortunately for LevelUp
Studio, it has quite a bit of experience in that field
thanks to its incredibly popular app Beautiful
Widgets . If you're into informative, yet minimal apps,
then the company's newest offering, Bright
Weather, should be right up your alley.

LevelUp claims that Bright is the "most
comprehensive weather app available on Android." I
can't personally say whether that's actually true or
not, but I will say that Bright offers up quite a bit of
info on just a few screens. And it does all this
without being overwhelming. The app's primary
screen is a very simple readout with the current
temperature and a sort of flowing line chart that
displays the temperature in a 32-hour window,
highlighting both low and high points. A quick swipe
to the next page shows a more detailed look at the
current conditions, along with a easy-to-follow chart
with what's expected for the day. Below that is
sunset and sunrise times and a quick look at what to
expect for the next several days. Finally, there's a
radar image along with UV index, moon phase, and
some high/low averages.

While the interface and displayed information is
essentially the same, the app combines the info from
the last two pages of the phone app and displays
it all in one panel on tablets, so it's even easier to
pull in a full day's worth of weather at a glance.
Lastly, there's a neat option at the top to launch the
camera and snap a picture with the current
conditions and forecast embedded at the bottom. You
know, for sharing on social networks. Because
people love weather. No, I'm not being sarcastic. It's

Bright Weather is free in the Play Store, but there's
the option to remove the ads for $2.79. That's a little
on the pricey side, but the ads really kill the
experience in my opinion, so it's worth buying
LevelUp a cup of coffee for a cleaner experience. Hit
the widget below to give it a shot.

we have told you a lot about this app but for more info head over to play store

you can get it HERE

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